NEGI or Scallion from a friend of mine.......

Cod, Scalioon and Tofu Nabe
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Apology for my lazy work..... not lazy, just couldn't have enough time to write a nice blog!  ( excuse, excuse....)

I love all forms of eating as you know, so I love eating at restaurants, joints or friends house etc.. as well as cooking at home... and buying ingredients, of course!   But..... one of the joy I enjoy encountering unexpected is!

To get some food gifts from friends..... I am just blessed or they know me so well, that is why they give me food?      Or they probably know I need food and money!  ( LOL )      Nice friends I have, I am grateful anyways.

What I got today is scallions.    Fukaya city, Saitama prefecture is known for their scallion.    A married friend ( his wife is also my friend, such a nice couple ) brought probably from his home town and left several stalks at the co-working space I often use.    To be shared.    We did!      I brought them ( I got two! ) home and used 2/3 of a stalk for this nabe ( hot pot ). 

Slice of cod, cut scallion and tofu.    It is finally getting cold and wintery here, so perfect!   I used some Yuzu flavored ponzu and grated ginger to taste. 

When I eat Nabe, I feel grateful being Japanese.   Nothing special, simple ingredients, but friendship, thoughtfulness, kindness of friends added extra flavor and it made my heart warm to overcome this cold weather. 


Trattoria Ciao Tokyo @ Shiodome / Shimbashi

I forgot to take photos of the foods.

It was a farewell, memorial service to say goodbye to a cousin today.

She was diagnosed  as a cancer this spring and survived through November although the doctor initially said " for a few more weeks".
She was really a strong woman.  Having lived in Japan, US and back in Japan again.   Enjoyed conversation with people recalling  nice good memoirs of her.

She was always smiling, or I should say, when it is tough, she had tears in her eyes, but still was smiling I remember.

Being proud of her cousin.   I should smile following her style.... even tough times.
The buffet was casual.   Cozy restaurant, but to fully enjoy their regular dishes, I need to go back there again.   Thanks to Trattoria Ciao Tokyo for having us.


Typhoon Season in Japan ..... I don't hate it....

Open Source Cafe Shimokitazawa 
It's been rainy summer-end and fall this year.    During real rainy season in late June and July, we didn't have enough rain.   Now almost every week, we have rains. 

It is a kind of depressing to see dark sky everyday, but I kind of enjoy quiet, rainy days..... I can enjoy listening to music, readings, sipping coffees ( or wines ! ) .....     

No food photo for now since I am thinking about this joint near here....... TONSUI, I think I wrote about this place before..... operated by a couple.... they have been running for 45 years.   Tiny place.... not stylish at all, but it has homey, welcoming ambience with their smile and hospitality.        They are closing this month. 
The place's owner decided to rebuild the place to taller building. 

The couple tried to find similar place w/ similar space where they can immediately move in and start, meaning kitchen is there etc..... but they couldn't find any place.
So...... sad.... I already wrote a Thank You card to them.    I wonder if they are still open today.....   Need to try their chicken cheese cutlet one more time.......


Basement of Department Store in Japan

 I have perhaps written about Japanese department stores.   If you haven't been to the basement, please do.    This one was discounted 50 % since it was already around 6p.m. and they wanted to sell before it gets spoiled.   After the discount,
it was 294 yen.....about  US$3.00 , cheaper than " reasonable"!!   

Underneath there is vinegar-flavored rice.   I just made spinach miso soup.
You will enjoy trying all kinds of food and sweets at our department stores.

Not all of them, but there are many "samples" you can taste.   This is from Tokyu Department Store in Shibuya.   There are two Tokyu Department Stores in Shibuya.   One is about 5 min. from the station, which is the main store.   This one I bought this seafood bowl is located in the station building.   Easy to go down.

Take the escalator to down stairs.    

Seafood Bowl & Miso Soup 


Green Brothers in Ebisu ---- When you need to eat greens!

Center Table
The other day, after visiting a client's office in Ebisu, I came to this place, " Green Brothers".  ( Why not sisters!?  )    They specialize in salads.   A bowl filled with greens would fill your needs of vitamin C or vegetables....
Order Counter 
 Interestingly, all the menu is written in English.    I hope they last long enough.... since this could be a bit too foreign for some people. 

I read English still, felt a bit strange... I should probably say "unique".  :-)

This Chef Hasegawa is the combination of Clam Chowder and Salad!    You may doubt if it tastes good but I enjoyed it!   Grains, clam chowder, red onion, romanesco, tomatoes, raw zucchini, farro penne and raw mushroom.   A slice of bread comes with it as a free option.   It is getting a bit cold in Tokyo.   This soup and salad bowl was just right.    I've never thought of this combination, but next time, I'd like to try it at home.   It is not a soup bowl.  It is a salad bowl with a kind of CLAM CHOWDER SAUCE over the salad.     It is from New York?   New Yorkers idea is innovative.  Perhaps somebody wanted to eat both clam chowder and soup, but they wanted to save time since New Yorkers are always busy!

Chef Hasegawa


Wagashi Master's Work ----- Clearly Different

Beautiful Work and he was also very quick to make each one.  He said " if you take too much time, the bean paste get dried or gets too soft from your hand temperature. "
These are representing seasons.

The top green ones are chestnuts sitting in shell.     The bottom is seasonal flower,  Chrysanthemum.

Japanese Sweets - Wagashi Look what I made!

Japanese Culture Class 
Before explanation, just wanted to show off ( ! ) this. 

I made them this past Saturday.

We ( Japanese ) make cookies, cakes more often , but not Japanese sweets.

One of the reasons is it is more difficult, there aren't many books explaining that.... and then I guess the reason those books are not published is because it is not that popular nowadays.     Two Japanese traditional wagashi ( sweets ) shops have torn down in the past 3 years..... so sad.    I am calling myself   " Anko Nanmin =  Sweet Bean Jam Refugee, meaning looking for authentic wagashi and wandering around...."   

I love Western sweets also, but green tea & wagashi combination is special.
Plus, wagashi ingredients are healthy, beans, mostly.